Irresponsible Parking – East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Parking in Stamford Bridge is often challenging especially during the mornings when the shops are busy.

At 09.50 this morning I witnessed an East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) employee park on double yellows, on the footpath, outside the Co-op and in the main area were residents queue to go to the shops. In essence, they could not have parked in a worse place at that time.

The vehicle was still there 10 minutes later when I left.

I am fully aware of and support the need for the legislation that permits Council employees to park on double yellows if required to undertake their duties. BUT this must be reasonable and appropriate. In this case, it fails on both counts. There were more appropriate places to park at the time. Not on the footpath would be a starting point.

I have referred the matter to ERYC Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services, Paul Bellotti. I have requested he ensures that all ERYC employees park in a reasonable and appropriate manner in future.

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