Immunity, Hiding Or Vaccine?

Over the past six months, I have witnessed many believing that to “protect” yourself from a virus you hide away and wait for a vaccine.

Weak Immune System

We can see from the above that not sleeping enough, bad diet and stress all weaken the immune system but the UK Government fails to inform the public of this. Instead, it creates stress and discourages access to Vitamin D by enforcing lockdown during summer.

Personal Experience

All my forefathers worked on East Riding farms on the Yorkshire Wolds. I grew up in a small village and we played outside which built up our immunity.

In my mid-twenties I was planning a trip to tribal areas of India having previously visited India on a few occasions. My Doctor was concerned to note I had never received a vaccination for TB like the vast majority of children born in the UK in the sixties did.

A test was done that confirmed I had built up immunity to TB. TB is the worlds biggest disease killer. It kills more than Hepatitis B, Pneumonia, HIV/Aids, Malaria and Coronavirus.

TB Alert, the UK’s national tuberculosis charity confirms:

“If you are healthy, you probably have a strong immune system and your body can fight off infections from bacteria or viruses easily. So if you breathe in TB bacteria, your immune system would probably kill them off straight away, without you ever getting ill or knowing about it.

But if you are run down or have another illness, your immune system might not be strong enough to fight the TB bacteria effectively. Stress, poor diet, certain medications, being pregnant or elderly can also weaken a person’s immune system.”

Immunity For Me

I put my trust in my Doctor, TB Alert and my experience, not a Government that at best makes it up as it goes along.

Your immune system is your best defence against Covid 19, TB and all viruses.

Dont take my word for it read TB Alert.

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