Brookes Garage A19 Dangerous Exit

As a campaigner, I receive information in many formats from various sources across the country. This can be for my information purposes, requesting assisting or raising a concern.

I recently received the video above. This shows an HGV reversing onto the busy A19 from Brookes Garage, Shipton-By-Beningborough. There is no option to turn around and/or manoeuvre on the garage site for such large vehicles.

Health and Safety risks are clear to see.

I have referred the video to a senior officer at North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), who is the Highway Authority for the A19, with the request that they undertake the appropriate actions.

My research team have uncovered further information of concern in relation to the site. I am in the process of reviewing this and will share with NYCC as appropriate.

I advise everyone to be cautious when passing Brookes Garage, Shipton-By-Beningborough.

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