Whistleblower – ERYC Employee “Peter”

This week I have received interesting information from a whistleblower who is an employee of East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC). I will call him Peter.

Peter started by stating:

“I see you as someone who is always prepared to fight for social justice and against wrongdoings in public office.”

And concluded with:

“Please help”

Peter referred to questionable ERYC planning decisions and awarding of major contracts.

If Peter has any documents to support his statements I welcome sight of them. It would be useful for him to include a phone number and be signed in the same name he used in the first letter.

I am always open to receiving information from whistleblowers, especially that which is supported by documents.

If any employee of ERYC, especially those who are in the process of being made redundant, would like to whistleblow any information and/or documents to me please do so.


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