North Korea Cabinet – Thank You Leader

At the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Cabinet meeting held on Tuesday 24 November members confirmed that ERYC has become like North Korea.

In a display of true Pyongyang adulation, the ERYC Politburo can be seen jumping out of their seats to prove their subservience to the Glorious Leader:

“Thank you Leader”

It would appear that Deputy Leader Councillor Mike Stathers was wrong in his denial that ERYC operates a North Korea system as he too calls out the new ERYC Cabinet Mantra:

“Thank you Leader”

In Order Of Appearance

  • Cllr Richard Burton – The Glorious Leader – That’s all agreed unanimously
  • Cllr Julie Abrahams – Looks like being a Cllr is very profitable for some
  • Cllr Victoria Aitkin – Silent for once
  • Cllr Mike Stathers – Contradicts himself to confirm ERYC is run like North Korea
  • Cllr Lyn Healing – Promotion awaits such devotion
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