Pocklington Unlawful CCTV – Police Data Breach

Humberside Police and Pocklington Town Council (PTC) have not only turned a blind eye for a year and a half to the PTC CCTV system being unlawful they have now breached residents personal data.

NB: I have made the redaction

In response to a Subject Access Request (SAR) I made for Data gathered of me by the PTC CCTV system on Sunday 12 July 2020 I have received Data that unlawfully identified residents.

A fundamental requirement to operate a CCTV system is appropriate signage. PTC and Humberside Police are so incompetent that they have failed to achieve this most simple of tasks by having two different signs alleging different owners of the system.

The sign below claims the system is owned by Pocklington & Market Weighton Crime Prevention Panel yet this is false as the Panel disbanded a few years ago. To make matters worse the sign is directly outside the Police Station and the PTC Offices!

Could I politely suggest that someone needs to open their eyes?

In A Freedom of Information Request to Humberside Police, I requested details of:

  1. The Service Level Agreement for The Provision, Operation and Management of Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) Monitoring between Humberside Police and Pocklington Town Council.
  2. Code of Practise for the Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) Monitoring between Humberside Police and Pocklington Town Council.

Humberside Police have confirmed:

“Information not held. The DPO is in liaison with Pocklington Town Council.”

NB: DPO is the Data Protection Officer.

Please read FREEDOM of INFORMATION ACT 2000 Reference No 003913-20

The facts stated confirm that PTC CCTV system is still gathering Data unlawfully as:

  1. There is no Service Level Agreement between PTC and Humberside Police.
  2. This is no Code of Practice between PTC and Humberside Police.
  3. The signage is inadequate.

For the reasons stated PTC and Humberside Police have acted unlawfully to gather, store and process my Data. I did not and do not consent to this.

I have registered a formal complaint against PTC and Humberside Police for:

  1. Collectively operating an unlawful CCTV system
  2. Colluding to unlawfully gather, store and process my Data
  3. Breaching others Data when unlawfully processing my Data

I have requested that they take the required actions to ensure the PTC CCTV system operates lawfully.

If any evidence gathered unlawfully has been used in a court of law the cases must be revisited as the evidence is inadmissible.

The continued failure of Humberside Police and PTC confirms that they have no idea how to conduct themselves lawfully.

It is rather ironic that Humberside Police are colluding in unlawful actions with the purpose of gathering evidence of unlawful acts. Robert Peel must be turning in his grave.

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