Humberside Police Snooping On Pocklington Residents

Pocklington residents will be shocked to learn that Humberside Police and Pocklington Town Council (PTC) are snooping on them by having the PTC CCTV system trained onto the windows of their homes.

Published in the Public Interest

As part of a Subject Access Request to PTC, Humberside Police via PTC sent me the video footage above.

Everyone has a right to family life and privacy. As curtains and blinds can clearly be seen this confirms that the CCTV looks into residents homes in breach of legislation. It is also noted that the CCTV zooms in when required.

What would happen if a Pocklington resident recorded into the homes of a PTC Councillor or the Chief Constable of Humberside Police?

I am in no doubt that they would be arrested, charged and put on the sex offenders register.

As PTC Councillors and the Chief Constable of Humberside Police are responsible for this happening to Pocklington residents I believe the same must happen to them.

I have registered a formal complaint to Humberside Police and PTC for this shameful snooping on Pocklington residents and requested:

  1. That the cameras are switched off immediately to prevent further snooping.
  2. A full investigation is undertaken.
  3. The cameras are lowered to prevent snooping.
  4. Every CCTV system in the East Riding is checked to ensure further snooping is not taking place.

We must all consider a simple question:

How would we feel knowing that we are being recorded through our windows and Humberside Police/PTC are passing this recording, that they have done unlawfully, onto the public?

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