ERYC Liberal Democrat Stands Against Bullying

In response to ERYC Tories – Bullying, Intimidation And Blackmail? Cllr David Nolan has issued a statement against bullying.

Cllr David Nolan, ERYC Liberal Democrat Group Leader

“Any complaints of bullying within the Council must be treated very seriously. The Council has policies in place to deal with such matters. Nobody including the council Deputy Leader is above the rules to prevent intimidation. Councillor Jane Evison has raised legitimate concerns about the way in which the Council has let-down vulnerable children. In response, Cllr Stathers has threatened her with expulsion from the Conservative Group. This is shocking behaviour from Cllr Stathers. Whilst an investigation is underway, he should do the honourable thing and stand down from his posts.”

I take my hat off to David for his stand against bullying.

In the interests of transparency and balance I have invited Richard Burton, Conservative Group Leader; Barbara Jefferson, Independent Group Leader and Tim Norman, Yorkshire Party Group Leader to offer for publication statements that stand against bullying in respect of themselves or their groups.

Conservative Group Rules

This morning I receive a copy of Conservative Group Rules. I would like to politely draw the attention of the ERYC Conservative Group to consider the actions of Cllr Stathers in relation to conduct:

  • Members shall observe the highest standards in their conduct as councillors, Members of the Group and Members of the Party.
  • In particular, Members shall observe the letter and spirit of the Council’s Code of Conduct and the Conservative Party’s Code of Conduct For Conservative Party Representatives.
  • Members shall ensure that their conduct in their business and private lives does not cause embarrassment to the Group or the Conservative Party.
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