East Riding CCTV Systems – Collective Buffoonery

I find it most amusing that those in “positions of authority” believe they can insult my intelligence and knowledge when they themselves are buffoons.

On Friday I received in the post, a copy of the Driffield Town Council (DTC) CCTV Code of Practise with the above slip.

It is most amusing and an insult to my intelligence for Claire the Town Clerk to claim the DTC Code of Practise is their name for a Service Level Agreement. I am astounded that after a year and a half DTC has failed to take the required legal advice. If they had Claire would never make such a statement.

  • Reason 1

A Code of Practice is nothing more than an aspiration. While a Service Level Agreement is a contractual obligation.

  • Reason 2

I suggest that Claire considers the following:

  1. On 15 June 2020, Claire sent me a copy of Service Level Agreement Between Driffield Town Council And Humberside Police For The Provision, Operation and Management of Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) Monitoring This was unsigned. It commenced on 28 November 2019 and had a review date of 26 November 2020
  2. I submitted my Subject Access Request on 19 July 2020
  3. The Driffield Town Council CCTV Code Of Practice that was signed by DTC and  Humberside Police on 28 July 2020.
  4. In an email dated 29 July 2020 Claire stated “the Service Level Agreement is ‘under development’.  The document is under review and we look forward to publishing our contract with Humberside Police in the very near future.”
  • Summary – Reason 1 and Reason 2
  1. A Code of Practice is not a Service Level Agreement
  2. There was no Code of Practice in place when I submitted my Subject Access Request
  3. DTC and Humberside Police must have a Service Level Agreement in place for Humberside Police to deal with Subject Access Requests.
  4. There was no Service Level Agreement in place when I submitted my Subject Access Request.

Over the past week, I have exposed how Humberside Police, DTC, Market Weighton Town Council and Pocklington Town Council have conspired to conceal gross miscarriages of justice and undertaken unlawful acts. Yet the whole purpose is to gather evidence of unlawful acts. Oh, what irony.

I estimate that up to 2,000 convictions have been achieved across the area by the use of inadmissible evidence in courts of law. I am in no doubt this is a national failure which could easily have resulted in over 100,000 miscarriages of justice. But still, Humberside Police buries its head.

The four Government bodies have failed for over a year and a half to correct the failure. They are merely delaying the inevitable and in the meantime, they are the criminal’s best friend. Indeed who are committing the most offence’s the Government bodies or members of the public?

With such shameful public figures in positions of authority, there is no wonder we see anti-social behaviour on the increase. I suggest that anti-social behaviour is a reflection of the example set. It is time public bodies got their own houses in order before looking at others.

Simple Truth

For obvious reasons, Humberside Police cannot enter into a Service Level Agreement with a Town Council in relation to a CCTV system. As such the current CCTV systems can never be operated lawfully.

I invite Humberside Police to prove me wrong and finally sign the agreements.

Simple Solution

Ironically there is a simple solution.

When will Humberside Police, DTC, Market Weighton Town Council and Pocklington Town Council realise this and correct their years of incompetence or will their egos prevent this?

Formal Complaint

I have registered a formal complaint against DTC and Humberside Police for:

  1. Collectively operating an unlawful CCTV system
  2. Colluding to unlawfully gather, store and process my Data
  3. Breaching others Data when unlawfully processing my Data
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