ERYC Yorkshire Party Stands Against Bullying

In response to ERYC Tories – Bullying, Intimidation And Blackmail?  Cllr Tim Norman, Deputy Leader – Yorkshire Party and Deputy Leader and Secretary – Yorkshire Group East Riding of Yorkshire Council has issued the comment below from the Yorkshire Party and the group.

Cllr Tim Norman,  Deputy Leader Yorkshire Party

“Every Yorkshire Party candidate/member has personally adopted the Nolan principles of public service and every Yorkshire Party member totally rejects bullying in all its forms. 

We will always abide by the Member Code of Conduct inside and outside of Public Life where we must treat others with respect and not bully or harass any person. 

I note that there has been no externally apparent complaint in this case but it is clear that there has been a form of “leadership muscle-flexing” and open threatening to this group’s own members. This behaviour is abhorrent in public life, in all circumstances and could never happen in a party such as ours where there will never be a whip.”

I take my hat off to Tim and the Yorkshire Party for their stand against bullying.

In the interests of transparency and balance my invitation to Richard Burton, Conservative Group Leader and Barbara Jefferson, Independent Group Leader to offer for publication statements that stand against bullying in respect of themselves or their groups remains open.

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