Sausage Sandwich Creates A19 Accident Blackspot

In late September my research team exposed the dangerous exit from Brookes Garage onto the A19. Then in October, a Whistleblower Revealed Foreknowledge of Dangerous Exit.

I can reveal that the owners are fully aware of the danger and the reason for it. Sadly if the Hambleton District Council (HDC) Planning Department had fulfilled their legal duty over the past seven years we would not be in this position.

I refer to the planning approval by Hambleton District Council North Road Garage – Notice of Decision – 31 October 2013

The approval only amounts to three pages and on page two it simply states:

“no food shall be prepared on the premises for sale”

Unfortunately, this is not simple enough for the Managing Director, Tom Brookes.

Yet this HGV had just been delivering before reversing onto the A19.

This HGV enjoyed hot food at the side of the A19 while obstructing the free flow of traffic.

While this HGV obstructed the free flow of traffic for longer to ensure he could enjoy his hot food.

Who would have thought a hot sausage sandwich could be so dangerous?

Please correct me if I am wrong. I believe the label states that the hot sausage on white was handmade in store on 6 November 2020 at North Road Garage, A19, Shipton by Beningborough in contravention of the planning approval.

My research team informs me that the neighbour to the north of the garage has recently been informed by NYCC Highways that they must cut their hedge back as it is encroaching onto the highway (grass verge). I would like to suggest that NYCC Highways also question whether the significant sign for Brookes Garage and their hot food is actually on the highway.

Full credit goes to my research team. I have referred the results of the investigation to NYCC Hopefully, HDC Planning along with NYCC Highways will now be as diligent and ensure that the danger is removed from this accident blackspot on the A19.

NB: My research team are currently looking into a suggestion that a considerable donation to the Conservative Party may be the reason for Conservative controlled HDC turning a blind eye to the breach of planning.

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