No Vaccine Passport And No Life Back

“We don’t yet know if it will stop you passing on the disease to others”.

This statement by Matt Hancock is a game-changer for all UK Citizens as well as the rest of the world.

He went on to say:

“We have to keep acting as if you can pass it on to others”

Vaccine Fit For Pupose?

NB: The following is based on the Governments narrative.

To varying degrees, the reasons for the vaccines are to:

  1. Protect ourselves
  2. Protect others
  3. Get on with our lives
  • Protect Ourselves – Pass

We are informed that the vaccine will suppress symptoms. So to that extent, it protects ourselves.

  • Protect Others – Fail

As Matt Hancock states “We don’t yet know if it will stop you passing on the disease to others” this confirms that we cannot be assured we will protect others by having the vaccine. Indeed Matt even goes on to advise “We have to keep acting as if you can pass it on to others”.

It is reasonable to conclude from these two statements that by having the vaccine we will not protect others.

  • Get On With Our Lives – Fail

The desire to get on with our lives is held by all and it could be said that this is the greatest incentive to have the vaccine. Getting on with our lives could be going to the pub, praying in a church or flying overseas on holiday.

Although the Government has constantly stated there will not be a Vaccine Passport many believed there would be and this is supported by the position taken by Qantas. In essence, the belief was once you have a vaccine you would receive a passport and only those with such a document would be able to fly overseas, go to a restaurant or enjoy a pint in their local.

Given the statement by Mr Hancock, this will now clearly not happen as the vaccine will not prevent you from infecting others.

Why would India allow a Yorkshire man who has had a such a vaccine to visit India where over one billion Indian nationals have not had a vaccine and could be infected by me?

0.8% Effective Not 95%

As can be seen in the video above the vaccine will only mean we have 0.8% less chance of contacting Covid, not 95% as the Government calculators claim.

Asymptomatic Disaster

A new word to many of us in 2020 is asymptomatic. In essence, this means you have no symptoms.

We are all fully aware that there are two main ways not to pass on Covid:

  1. Wear masks, keep your distance etc…
  2. If you have symptoms you should self isolate

The vaccine could result in an asymptomatic disaster as those who have the vaccine will be less likely to have symptoms as any symptoms will be suppressed by the vaccine. We can all appreciate that this can lead to more infections as one of the two main ways to prevent infection will be removed by the vaccine itself.


Not only will we not be able to get on with our lives but the asymptomatic aspect could aid the spread of Covid put simply


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