Save The NHS – 2018 Warning Ignored

Those who watched UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his sidekicks the Chuckle Brothers on their TVs yesterday will have witnessed the key narrative change:

“Covid 19 was replaced with Coronavirus.”

There is nothing new about Coronavirus as the earliest reports of coronavirus infection in animals occurred in the late 1920s and the word was first used in print in 1968 to designate the new family of viruses.

The human coronaviruses continually circulate in the human population and produce the generally mild symptoms of the common cold in adults and children worldwide.

I would encourage everyone to research this year’s deaths rates. Such endeavours will confirm that there are no extra deaths this year despite there being a pandemic.

Does this mean in 2020 the world has witnessed the first-ever pandemic in the full glare of world media that produced no extra deaths?

In addition to the narrative change, we were informed that 62% of new cases are a new strain. Collectively this confirms:

  1. New coronavirus strains are a regular occurrence
  2. The Covid 19 vaccine will not work on the new strain
  3. World Governments have lost their get out of this mess card
  4. Lockdowns and tiers do not prevent the spread of coronavirus
  5. At best only 38% of new cases are Covid 19
  6. Coronaviruses only last a few months
  7. Covid 19 ran out of steam months ago.
  8. We are back to square one

Prepare For Years Of Lockdowns And Tiers

In the beginning, we were told that the lockdown would be only for three weeks, this evolved to months. We are now looking at entering the second year.

How many years does everyone want to hide behind curtains?

Has the world really become too frightened of dying that they are willing to stop living for years?

Herd Stupidity

Many try to defend the UK Governments position by stating that the vast majority of countries in the world are doing the same. This is nothing more than an insane defence for herd stupidity.

The Tory Government claim that the tiers and lockdown are to prevent the NHS been overrun is crass in the extreme given that in January 2018 the Chief Executive of NHS providers stated:

“the NHS can no longer cope”

For the next two years, the Tory Government failed to act. But they now expect us plebs to lose our jobs, our businesses, our mental health, have cancelled operations, not see our loved ones, not go to the pub etc…

Solution To Herd Stupidity

The reason for the herd stupidity is obvious – incompetence, ego and common purpose.

The solution to herd stupidity is simple either have lockdown without end or introduce a policy suggested by a certain Yorkshire man on 29 March 2020:

“Why has there not been a policy to isolate the vulnerable”

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