Aspects Of My Life Merging

Last night I arrived home after three nights away for what was the start of amalgamating my campaigns and adventures.

Us plebs would hope that the “Powers That Be” (PTB) which includes the Government, Police and Councils, are honest, uphold the law and put the interests of the Country first. Sadly this is far from the truth. Most would see two levels:

  • Level A – The PTB introduce laws to protect the public. They uphold such laws themselves. Everything is fine. We can trust the PTB.
  • Level B – The PTB are fascists. They introduce laws to control. Their conduct is due to incompetence, ego and Common Purpose. The plebs can do nothing about it.

The vast majority believe Level A to be correct. Yet many of these also agree that parts of Level B are present. The weakness of the PTB is that they are incompetent and filled with ego. Their tool for covering this up is Common Purpose. In essence, this means never admitting they are wrong.

The Covid 19 Lockdown has demonstrated to many that the PTB are more on Level B than Level A or at the very least heavily tainted by Level B.

Then there is a Level C:

  • Level C – Use their incompetence, ego and Common Purpose against them.

Strength Against Them

Those with an interest in Tai Chi will be fully aware of using your opponent’s strength against them. To achieve this with regards PTB we must overcome our main hurdle – our own fear. Fear is that which permits the PTB to control. Once you become free from such fear the PTB lose all control.

With an understanding of how Common Purpose is employed using “strength against them” in a lawful manner is a simple exercise. For the past 10 years, I have used their “strength against them” to undertake Direct Action against the Government, Police and Councils. Not one of them has ever taken legal action against me for three simple reasons:

  1. What I do is lawful
  2. My position is correct
  3. If they did they would lose and thus their control would be weakened.

By taking the decision to amalgamate my adventures and campaigns not only did I use their strength against them but I also drew on my years of experience in two aspects of my life.

Three Nights Direct Action

Over the previous four days and three nights, I have undertaken Direct Action in three separate locations. My purpose was to demonstrate in practical terms:

  1. Using “strength against them”
  2. That for the vast majority of “Covid 19 Laws” are unenforceable
  3. No one will be enforcing “Covid 19 Laws”

I travelled through 12 Counties and 10 Police Force areas. Everything I did was fully within the “Covid rules”. I did not receive a single Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) or receive a visit from any Police Force. This demonstrates in the vast majority of situations that we are being controlled solely by our fear and that there is no one to enforce the control beyond this.

This confirms that my purpose was achieved.

If Approached By The Police

If any Police Officer had approached me any enquiry from them would have resulted in the question:

“Am I obligated to answer that?”

The answer should be no. If it was a yes the follow-up question is then:

“Could you please provide the statute to support that opinion?”

After waiting for a response I would close the conversation by stating:

“I am unable to answer your questions until I have taken legal advice.”

Issuing A Fixed Penalty Notice

As I am conducting myself lawfully how can the Police Officer issue me with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for a “Covid 19 Law” breach?

Put simply he can but it will be unenforceable. Let us call this the “Cummings Sunak Strangeway Defence”! The only way to issue and successfully enforce a FPN in the vast majority of situations is for the Police Officer to be given information by the person they hope to issue a FPN against.

To issue a FPN the Police Officer must state the breach on the FPN. Without information, this is impossible to state. Thus the stupidity of the vast majority of “Covid 19 Laws” are exposed!

Could it be that nearly all the borders of the Police Forces in England mirror the Historic Counties and thus the County Tripoints?

Would this make any Police Forces job rather difficult enforcing “Covid 19 Laws” against me when with a simple step I would be outwith their jurisdiction if I was even in it in the first place?

Adventures – Tripoints 

Tripoints are fascinating locations. The main features of the earliest maps of Great Britain would have been the hills and rivers. These hills and rivers formed the main boundaries of Historic Counties. Where three of these counties join it is called a County Tripoint.

I spent a night at my first County Tripoint in June 2012. There are over 100 County Tripoints in Great Britain.

Covid 19 Lockdown – My Position

My position remains unchanged regards the Covid 19 Lockdown. I believe:

  • Lockdown itself will cause more deaths, suffering and pain than Covid 19 itself.
  • The focus should be on building up immunity not developing a vaccine that may not achieve the objective and could make the situation worse.
  • Our Civil Liberties should not be eroded.

For the above reasons I took the direct action that I did and will continue to. There are further adventures/ campaigns planned for 2021.

Thank You For Your Support

I would like to thank everyone for the support they have given me. The has been in various forms including advice about Tripoints, donations, legal advice, moral support and sharing to networks.

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