Deputy Clerk – Dishonest Serial Law Breaker

Claire Findley, the Deputy Clerk to Pocklington Town Council, has responded to the email from “46 residents in the community” by attempting to intimidate a certain Yorkshire man. I think that is one to file under “need to look in the mirror”.

Perhaps I should assist Ms Findley.

In her role of Clerk to Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council, I can confirm from first-hand experience that Claire:

  • Breached the Freedom of Information Act by failing to address an FOI request from me.
  • Breached the Highways Act by allowing countless unlawful road signs to be erected in Full Sutton – ERYC later demanded that they be removed.
  • Breached the Data Protection Act by sending the Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council laptop for repairs but left all the Data on.

Everyone Is Wrong

Could I please refer everyone to: Claire & Adam Findlay Email Rant

Those who know the truth about our Claire will be amused to read her denials and that everyone else is wrong.

I highlighted just a few choice nuggets:

  • I congratulated them both for demonstrating that their knowledge of DPA is still lacking. (Please see above).
  • I highlighted that it is inappropriate for a Parish Councillor and a Parish Clerk, and a breach of the Code of Conduct for a Parish Councillor, to make a false allegation against a resident “he has broken the rules on a number of occasions” and publish it by stating this in an email.
  • Regards the grievance – shall we just leave it at this or would the 46 like to comment?
  • I noted, “no time over the Christmas period have my husband and I been to Wales”. Should I take this as confirmation that as of December 30 “has breached the tier rules on many occasions and is currently in Wales” is correct but in a different location than Wales?
  • Why did Claire unlawfully use her Council email address for personal use? I noted “Regards, Claire & Adam Findlay” Not Claire Findlay Clerk and Councillor Adam Findlay.

So how did the serial dishonest law breaker respond to these points?

“I will not be entering into any further communication with you on this matter.”

I offer the evidence to the Court of Public Opinion.

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