UK Bed Occupancy Stats Discredits Narrative

I appreciate many are fully taken in by the Government narrative that the NHS is being overrun. Let us consider two aspects.

  • Bed Occupancy

As can be seen, by the graph above this is simply not the case.

Do not take my word for it even the Governments Press Office, aka BBC, agree. Please read: BBC – Covid: How busy are hospitals in England?

Do not forget about the abundance of space in the empty Nightingale Hospitals.

The Government has now stopped gathering such statistics. Surely this is not because the statistics fail to support the Governments narrative?

  • Tobacco Policy Discredits Covid Policy

The UK policy towards Covid does not stack up given the policy towards smoking.

In the UK there are 78,000 smoking deaths and 489,000 hospital admissions per annum due to smoking.

On the one hand, the Government claims the Covid policy is to save the NHS and save lives. Yet on the other hand tobacco is legal.

They can’t have it both ways. It would appear that the Government’s pants are on fire.

Starve The NHS – Feed Furlough

So why does the UK Government continue to Starve The NHS – Feed Furlough?

Why was there no lockdown last winter?

Why is tobacco still legal?

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