Parking Challenge – Desperate Defence

Many will be aware that if certain Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) Senior Officers and Councillors were light bulbs, they would be found in the dim section.

Despite the best endeavours of myself and others to assist Lisa Dixon, SBC Director of Legal and Democratic Services, she continues to demonstrate an apparent desire to remain in near darkness.

In the interests of transparency, just before Christmas I gave Lisa the opportunity to save herself (and SBC) future embarrassment when I gave full notice of a future parking challenge that is set out in the image above and in Whitby – I Am Not Entering Into A Contract.

SBC Response

I was rather amused that SBC were so desperate to find a defence that not only did they decide not to switch a light on but they went into ‘scrape the barrel mode’ and engaged the “bullshit baffles brains” theory.

Please read SBC Bullshit Baffles Brains Email

Car Park Is Not A Highway

As a campaigner of over ten years standing who specialises in parking, the bullshit shone brighter than the annual switch-on of the Blackpool Lights.

Of course, I fully agree with everything stated which is in relation to the public highway.

However, SBC refers to a “Traffic Regulation Order” (TRO) in response to my position about “off-street car park/public car park/car parks”.

For the avoidance of doubt, I should make everyone aware that a TRO does not and cannot be applied to “off-street car park/public car park/car parks”.

For an “off-street car park/public car park/car parks”, again for the avoidance of doubt, I should make everyone aware that an Off-Street Parking Order (OSPO) is required – a totally different instrument.

My position remains to that stated on SIAM, above. Yet again I have offered SBC the opportunity to make any further comment or simply accept the statement to be correct.

It would appear that more than a few light bulbs require changing in the Town Hall.

SIAM Question

What does SIAM stand for?

Answers on a postcard.

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