Police Confirm Town Councils CCTV Unlawful

On 30 December 2020 Humberside Police admitted that the Pocklington Town Council (PTC) CCTV system was been operated unlawfully as have the systems in Driffield and Market Weighton.

Since June 2019 Humberside Police, PTC, Driffield Town Council and Market Weighton Town Council have colluded in an attempt to play hardball with me. The Police have now confirmed this:

“On Friday 11th December I had a meeting with all town councils to discuss the operation of all CCTV systems and to put in place a plan to ensure all systems operate in accordance with UK data protection legislation.”

Humberside Police have finally seen sense by stating:

“I will be addressing all CCTV systems and would like to work with you”

Regards the Pocklington signage, highlighted in the image above, that the fools at PTC have failed to erect lawfully the Police have confirmed:

“I will be addressing this as part of my review … this needs to be amended to fall in line with the ICO’s CCTV code of practice. I will be working with the PTC to resolve this.”

In reference to PTC Data Breach again the Police have agreed with me:

“I cannot comment fully but it appears that the images you have redacted should have been redacted accordingly. If this is the case this is as you have stated a breach and therefore I will working with the PTC for an onward decision by them. I will address this issue internally.”

Humberside Police had hoped to visit all sites in Driffield, Market Weighton and Pocklington to undertake a full review but due to Covid this will not be feasible.

Invitation Accepted

I have informed Humberside Police that I accept their invitation:

“I am happy to assist Humberside Police and the three Town Councils as I have been for a year and a half. The conduct of all four organisations over this period reflects badly on all concerned and fails the public in so many ways.

I am happy to organise a Zoom meeting with you but to maximise our time I would appreciate that the following is addressed prior by all organisations so that I am information-rich to enable me to assist to the best of my ability:

  1. My complaint dated December 1 to both Market Weighton Town Council and Humberside Police
  2. My complaint dated December 3 to both Pocklington Town Council and Humberside Police
  3. My FOI request dated December 3 to both Pocklington Town Council and Humberside Police
  4. My complaint dated December 6 to both Driffield Town Council and Humberside Police”

I now await to hear further from Humberside Police.

PTC Dishonesty

PTC is known for their dishonesty. This is exemplified by the shameful conduct of their Clerk Gordon Scaife

and the Deputy Clerk Claire Findley who have both had full knowledge of the CCTV system cover-up.

The dishonesty would not be possible if it was not supported by the incompetence and bullying of certain PTC Councillors.

You should all hang your heads in shame. Truth is prevailing.

Court Of Public Opinion

The corrupt conduct of Humberside Police, Pocklington Town Council, Driffield Town Council and Market Weighton Town Council is now exposed to the Court of Public Opinion.

One man has held four corrupt organisations to account despite their attempts to collude to undermine the only person with any morals, credibility and understanding in the whole debacle.

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