Tories Continued Control – Damning Ofsted Report

Only last month I reported how the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Tories are attempting to bully Councillors into silence who rightly believe that there should be free and open scrutiny of the damning Ofsted report that highlighted the failures of ERYC Children’s Services.

In December it was the Deputy Leader Conservative Cllr Mike Stathers who attempted to bully fellow Conservative Cllr Jane Evison into silence.

Conservative Cllr Julie Abraham

This month on Thursday 7 January Cllr Julie Abraham, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Young People, Education, Health and Social Care, while discussing the report, believed it acceptable to attempt to control the full Overview Management Committee by claiming there are:

“Wrong sort of questions”

At this point, I take my hat off to Conservative Cllr Paul Nickerson and Liberal Democrat Cllr Denis Healy who strongly objected to the attempt to silence and control them.

Leader Dismisses Whip

Up until last week, Cllr Nickerson was the Conservative Group Whip.

Enter stage left our not so great Leader, Cllr Richard Burton who then removes the Whip from Cllr Nickerson for refusing to be silenced and controlled.

Leaked Email

This is the second Whip that has “departed” the position in less than a year after Cllr Mike Medini also exited via the back door.

Certain ERYC Tory Cllrs will stop at nothing to prevent an adequate and robust scrutiny review of the damning Ofsted report. It would appear that vulnerable children are mere collateral damage to be sacrificed at the altar of certain Tory control freaks intent on a cover-up.

As this is happening in public and being leaked to me one can only imagine what is happening behind the scenes in private.

I would like to thank the Tory Cllr who sits on the Cabinet who has made the publishing of this information possible.

Further Information

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