Dixon And Greene In The Dock

Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) Chief Executive Mike Greene, Leader Cllr Steve Siddons and  Director of Legal & Democratic Services Lisa Dixon all failed to act for over a week when informed of the SBC Councillor Threatens Murder.

As evidenced above on Thursday 14 January I informed all three that:

“I am shocked to hear rumours abound that a SBC Councillor has made threats to kill other SBC Councillors and Members of the Public. Could you please inform me, as Head of Paid Service, what actions you have taken in relation to this given your Duty Of Care? In addition are you also aware of rumours that there is a recording proving this?”

Are Dixon And Greene Conspiring?

In Response

First thing on Monday morning Lisa Dixon informed me that I was now on the naughty table.

Instead, why was no action taken with regards the obvious mental health issues of the Cllr or to protect the public and elected members?

I can confirm that the current administration has known for over a week that a vote of no confidence was to be tabled.

Did the current administration rush to put Strangeway on the naughty table and sit on this outrage as the persons (FV) vote is required to try to salvage the vote of no confidence?

That would suggest that residents safety and mental health of a fellow Cllr are secondary to political ambition.

Further Information

I am informed that rumours abound that North Yorkshire Police “are looking into this” but in essence have also turned a blind eye.

Could it be possible that this is at the request of persons unknown in the Town Hall?

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