Coronavirus – The Circle Is Almost Complete

Yesterday the BBC published a statement that supports my stated position as of 29 March 2020 regards the Coronavirus.

“These findings recalibrate thinking about how to approach the pandemic virus and shift the focus from the goal of herd immunity against transmission to the protection of all at-risk individuals in population against severe disease,” Prof Madhi added.

Please see Covid: Oxford Jab Offers Less S Africa Variant Protection

On 29 March 2020 eight days after returning from India I stated:

“..this will include non-virus related deaths, cancelled medical appointments, mental health, alcoholism, business failures, job losses, houses being repossessed etc..Why has there not been a policy to isolate the vulnerable

Government Failure

As a campaigner for over ten years and a former Independent East Riding Of Yorkshire Council Councillor I have extensive first-hand experience of the three key aspects that underpin the failure of all Government bodies that involve politicians:

Incompetence – Ego – Common Purpose.

All three come together to result in the appeasing of us plebs instead of giving the hard word. How many politicians could ever be called brutally honest?

Tell the plebs what they want to hear not the truth is the mantra of most politicians.

This is why all world Governments are now in the mess they are in.

The statement from Prof Madhi confirms that a full circle has almost been completed since March 2020. But sadly we are in a worse position. Those waiting for an operation for more than a year has escalated from 1,600 to over 192,000: the NHS is in a bigger mess: the plebs are burnt out:; then there is alcoholism, business failures, job losses, houses being repossessed etc – I refer to my statement of March 29.

Protect The Vulnerable

When I state “policy to isolate the vulnerable” to protect the vulnerable in relation to Covid 19 this would include:

  1. Having a NHS that is fit for purpose
  2. Addressing the Adult Social Care crisis (take a look at your Council Tax Bill)
  3. Not sending those with Covid 19 to infect others in Care Homes
  4. Ensuring all have adequate levels of Vitamin C and Vitamin D

I rest my case.

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