UK Vaccine Programme – Psychopaths Calculator

On Wednesday the claim of an “incredible achievement” of more than 25 million people receiving their first COVID-19 vaccination after 100 days appears to be the conclusion from a psychopaths calculator.

Reuters confirmed that Boris Johnson stated:

“This latest milestone is an incredible achievement – representing 25 million reasons to be confident for the future as we cautiously reopen society,” 

Strangeways Maths “O” Level Calculator

My ability to operate a 1980s calculator resulted in achieving a Maths “O” Level.

  • 25 million vaccines over 100 days
  • = 1 million vaccines per 4 days
  • = 4 days x 67 million population
  • = 268 days to give all UK residents ONE vaccine
  • = 536 days to give all UK residents the required TWO vaccines
  • = a “booster” will be required
  • = 901 days required

Are there still only 365 days in a year?

As 536 days are required plus a booster all within a year how the hell can this be an incredible achievement?

Hospital Waiting List

Of course, the pause button cannot be pressed on all other health care without the disastrous consequences getting worse.

The BBC, aka the Governments Press Office, informs us that the hospital waiting list could number 10 million by April.

That is 10 million in pain, and many will die, to give priority to the conclusions of a psychopaths calculator.

A Tesco Paracetamol

For over 8 months the UK Government has led us to believe that a vaccine was our path to freedom. But now PHE has confirmed, “The vaccine does not give you a pass” while the Government informs me that:

  • The vaccine does not prevent me from passing on the virus.
  • The vaccine does not prevent me from getting the virus.
  • The vaccine may suppress symptoms.

In addition, the “leaky” vaccine can create further viruses. Why is this not reported on the mainstream media?

The UK Government have created a hospital waiting list approaching 10 million based on a psychopaths calculator. Yet the best they claim is that “it may suppress symptoms”. So does a 50p packet of Tesco Paracetamol.

We have arrived at the end of an 8 months garden path.

I cannot condone the risk of “leaky” vaccines or allowing 10 million to suffer and die to save a trip to Tesco.

I can see no benefit in me having the vaccine but many reasons not to have it.

The Solution

The solution was there all along. The number of deaths within 28 days of a positive test peaked in mid-January.

Anyone recall what happened a month and a half prior? Answers on a postcard.

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