ERYC Catastrophic Planning Failure

News of the catastrophic planning failure at East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) has resulted in the inevitable blame culture between Councillors instead of accepting that they have all failed East Riding residents.

Goodbye To The Countryside

The Planning Inspectorate has approved two applications by Gladman’s for:

In addition to the 5-year land supply the Inspector made her decision on a number of considerations that included the failure to provide the minimum affordable housing numbers in accordance with the ERYC Local Plan over many years.

Councillors Failure

The decision of the Inspector is a direct result of the failure of all 67 ERYC Councillors to ensure:

  • A 5-year land supply.
  • Approval, on average, of a minimum 25% affordable housing on all developments

NB: As the ERYC Planning Committees are made up of 75% Conservative Councillors opposition Councillors sitting on Planning Committees can not be held responsible for the failure to provide the minimum affordable housing numbers in accordance with the ERYC Local Plan. 

Shockingly ERYC failed to fulfil the commitment the Council gave to the Local Plan Inspector to review the plan by 2020 at the latest. This was necessary for the soundness of the Local Plan.

I can confirm that the Inspector used their own figures in her calculations.

Planning Basics

Most residents are unaware of the basics of planning. In essence, this is based on National Legislation and the ERYC Local Plan. It could be said that residents opinion is almost of no importance in comparison.

Fundamental to the basics of planning is the fact that all Local Authorities must facilitate the building of a minimum number of homes each year. To fulfil this they must ensure the 5-year land supply.

The Planning Balance must always be considered.

Sadly the vast majority of Councillors fail to inform residents of the basics of planning.

Window Of Opportunity

ERYC Forward Planning has confirmed that the new allocations list will go to Cabinet in April and then out for Consultation later.

This creates at least a seven-week window of opportunity.

Watch out  Stamford Bridge, Market Weighton, Cottingham, Willerby and KirkElla. I am sure Gladman will be pushing the window wide open. I expect numerous applications from them and others in the coming weeks and that these applications will include a higher than the required number of affordable housing.

The failures of ERYC Councillors are likely to result in thousands of homes being built across East Riding that would not have been built if they had fulfilled their duty.

What a mess.

Councillors Integrity Required

I am informed that ERYC Planning Officers have raised concerns for years as to the low land supply. Disappointingly, Councillors have failed to act on these concerns.

I would encourage all ERYC Councillor Groups to offer residents a public apology for their failures.

Given this failure Councillor Gary McMaster must now acknowledge responsibility and resign his position as Portfolio Holder for Strategic Planning and Planning Delivery as his position is untenable. On a personal note, I have always found Gary to be a decent man. Let us hope he maintains his decency and does the right thing instead of being pushed.

Thank You

I would like to thank ERYC Councillors, Officers and Developers who provided me with information.

Further Information

The links below provide evidence to support the article in more detail.

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