Shiptonthorpe Roundabout Mystery – One To Watch

Wilberfoss residents were understandably annoyed that they still have no roundabout while the perfectly adequate roundabout at Shiptonthorpe was ungraded by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) beyond what was required.

Given the current blame culture in County Hall as a result of the ERYC Catastrophic Planning Failure I am currently receiving a lot of information and documents from various internal sources. Of interest was that which I received in relation to the Shiptonthorpe Roundabout Mystery which possibly helps to explain the decision.

The new road has been described to me as “unnecessary infrastructure at the current time”. Does this imply plans are afoot for the future?

Everyone can see that any required works to the roundabout could have been fulfilled without the need for the new road. So what purpose does the new road serve?

Was it pure chance that the piece of land now locked between the two roads has two entrances?

What is the purpose of the planting around the site? Could it be to screen a future commercial development on what would be one of the highest value commercial land in the East Riding?

I am sure it is a pure coincidence that two ERYC Councillors lived in Shiptonthorpe.

I know nowt!

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