Spotlight on Councillor “Bully Boy” Stathers

There was a time when I thought ERYC Deputy Leader Councillor “Bully Boy” Mike Stathers was a credit to ERYC, himself and the residents he represents. Sadly that is no longer the case.

ERYC Deputy Leader – Councillor Mike Stathers

His fall from grace moved up a gear on Friday 31 July 2020 with the leaking of the bullying email he sent to a fellow Conservative.

“Anymore of this and I will press for her to be removed from the Group”

This made his position as Governor of Pocklington School untenable but perhaps in the Pocklington School Anti Bullying Policy, it is not bullying if you terrify the victim into not complaining and only one instance becomes public knowledge. Perhaps not. What a great example Bully Boy sets to the pupils. How does it go Sir? Bullying rules OK?

But hey ERYC and the Conservative Group relies on a bullying culture to control so Mike remains Governor.

Since I published the email above numerous residents in the area have expressed concerns at Mikes growing reputation as a bully.

Moving on let us remind ourselves what Bully Boy has Portfolio duties for:

  • Communication

Right. Looks like he failed there if the email above is anything to go by.

  • Housing Strategy and Affordable Homes

In ERYC Catastrophic Planning Failure – Inspectors Report I highlighted

“A sustained shortfall … amounts to a deficit of 1657 affordable homes

This has resulted in 360 homes in Pocklington that are directly the fault of  ERYC Councillors on the Planning Committees who have collectively failed to ensure that the minimum requirement of 25% affordable housing as per ERYC Policy was fulfilled on average on all approvals. The Pocklington Bund/The Mile was a prime example of this.

Councillor Stathers not only sat on Planning he is now responsible for Housing Strategy and Affordable Homes. You couldn’t make it up!

When the Planning Committee met to revisit the overdevelopment of 197 homes on The Pocklington Bund/The Mile site the developer resubmitted at 207 homes. Councillor David Rudd, a fellow Wolds Weighton Councillor of Councillor Stathers, made the claim that it was a reasonable comprise. The developer increases the overdevelopment by 10 homes and it is a reasonable compromise? Yet there was NO AFFORDABLE HOUSING!

Who is the third Wolds Weighton Councillor? Another Tory Councillor Leo Hammond. Our Leo not only sits on both the:

  1. Planning Committee and
  2. Western Area Planning Sub-Committee

he is also the Vice-Chair of the Planning Committee. How can this be appropriate for such an inexperienced Councillor?

This certainly confirms that the three ERYC Conservative Councillors for Wold Weighton have collective failed Pocklington residents and those of the villages they represent surrounding Pocklington. A great team they are not.

  • Recovery Lead

Will this reveal further skeletons?

Looks like it is time to consider your position Mike.

Councillor Stathers I offer you a right to reply but don’t rely on my vote in two years time.

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