Subject Access Request – East Riding Councillors

Over the past year or so East Riding residents have witnessed a catalogue of failures by the Councillors at East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) that demonstrates that they have collectively, and to varying degrees, all failed to adhere to the most fundamental of the Nolan Principles:

“To challenge poor behaviour wherever it occurs.”

None of these failures should have happened if all Councillors had challenged the poor behaviour of Officers and themselves. Evidence demonstrates this was not the case.

Clean Hands

During my time as an Independent ERYC Councillor between 2016 and 2019, I raised, and paper trailed my concerns with regards both Children Services and Planning. Sadly my fellow Councillors at the time failed to take on board the alarm bells I was raising and at best attempted to shoot the messenger. As direct consequence children were significantly let down and residents must accept houses imposed on them that should never have been built.

I will leave the ERYC disastrous incompetence with Employees Pension Fund for another day. I do question why the Pension Committee did not take the appropriate action in early February 2020 to safe guide the Pension Fund. Surely the warning bells could not have been any louder?

Data Protection

I duly raised the alarm on the inside regards Children Services and Planning. I personally took the required and obvious action prior to the Stock Market crash based on knowledge learnt from sitting on the ERYC Pension Committee. Yet all I have witnessed over the past year or so from ERYC Councillors is a blame game instead of accepting responsibility and taking appropriate action.

As a direct result of the recently leaked email, I now have similar concerns about Data Protection at ERYC as I did about Children Services, Planning and the Pension Fund.

All 67 ERYC Councillors (currently 65 with 2 pending elections) are Registered Data Controllers. This means they have full responsibility for Data held which means they must comply with the DPA and GDPR.

Given the recent performance of ERYC Councillors, my faith in them with Data Protection is understandably not great.

To ensure that my data is being stored with all Councillors correctly I have exercised my lawful right by submitting a Subject Access Request to them all.

Subject Access Request To Councillors

I have requested copy of all Data held of me/about me from:

  1. Cllr Julie Abraham
  2. Cllr Victoria Aitkin
  3. Cllr Charlie Bayram
  4. Cllr Linda Bayram
  5. Cllr Kevin Beaumont
  6. Cllr Jacob Birch
  7. Cllr John Bovill
  8. Cllr David Boynton
  9. Cllr Richard Burton
  10. Cllr Chad Chadwick
  11. Cllr John Copsey
  12. Cllr Nick Coultish
  13. Cllr Philip Davison
  14. Cllr Liam Dealtry
  15. Cllr John Dennis
  16. Cllr David Elvidge
  17. Cllr Jane Evison
  18. Cllr Caroline Fox
  19. Cllr Bernard Gateshill
  20. Cllr Terry Gill
  21. Cllr Helen Green
  22. Cllr Pauline Greenwood
  23. Cllr Leo Hammond
  24. Cllr Anne Handley
  25. Cllr Kerri Harold
  26. Cllr Lyn Healing
  27. Cllr Denis Healy
  28. Cllr Mike Heslop-Mullens
  29. Cllr John Holtby
  30. Cllr Shaun Horton
  31. Cllr Barbara Jefferson
  32. Cllr Barbara Jeffreys
  33. Cllr David Jeffreys
  34. Cllr Linda Johnson
  35. Cllr Ros Jump
  36. Cllr Micheal Lee
  37. Cllr Paul Lisseter
  38. Cllr Geraldine Mathieson
  39. Cllr Chris Matthews
  40. Cllr Gary McMaster
  41. Cllr Mike Medini
  42. Cllr Richard Meredith
  43. Cllr Paul Nickerson
  44. Cllr David Nolan
  45. Cllr Tim Norman
  46. Cllr Jonathan Owen
  47. Cllr Viv Padden
  48. Cllr Matt Rogers
  49. Cllr David Rudd
  50. Cllr Liz Sargeanston
  51. Cllr Brian Skow
  52. Cllr Pat Smith
  53. Cllr Mike Stathers
  54. Cllr Sue Steel
  55. Cllr Margot Sutton
  56. Cllr David Sykes
  57. Cllr Felicity Temple
  58. Cllr David Tucker
  59. Cllr Andy Walker
  60. Cllr Vanessa Walker
  61. Cllr Ben Weeks
  62. Cllr Kay West
  63. Cllr Paul West
  64. Cllr John Whittle
  65. Cllr Nigel Wilkinson

Further Information

I encourage East Riding residents who have similar concerns to make their own lawful Subject Access Request.

Please read Subject Access Request – Your Right of Access for further information.

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