Councillor Paul Lisseter – Shoot The Messenger

As expected, and rightly so, Councillor Paul Lisseter, former ERYC Conservative, has stepped forward to challenge his suspension.

Councillor Paul Lisseter

Please read Shoot The Messenger – Yorkshire Post

I take my hat off to Paul for his integrity and wish him well in his endeavours.

Ironically Paul will no longer sit on Scrutiny Committees he was once part of. This is clearly a case of shoot the messenger nothing to see here.

I wonder if rumours about Paul joining the Liberal Democrats are correct?

I would suggest that the Tory Group should at the very least “suspend” Tory Group assassin Councillor Felicity Temple, aka Head Girl, who was clearly instrumental behind the attack on Paul. Her actions reflect a Tory Group at County Hall that has clearly gone rogue.

Please tell me Felicity how are Children Services, Planning and Pensions doing?

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