ERYC Leadership Gone For A Burton

Having published ERYC Leader Going For A Burton on 28 March 2021 I can confirm exactly one month later that the ERYC Leadership has indeed gone for a Burton. Anyone would think I am clairvoyant!

New ERYC Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen

Yesterday Cllr Jonathan Owen became the new East Riding of Yorkshire Council Leader and Cllr John Holtby replaced bully boy Cllr Mike Stathers as Deputy Leader.

I have congratulated them both on their success as I believe that they are both the right people for the roles. Over the past year, many have spoken to me highly of Jonathan and I always had time for John when we overlapped.

I appreciate they will have both found my approach rather difficult in the past. With my current campaigner/political commentator hat on I am sure we will have differences of opinion moving forward. I would happily meet with either Jonathan or John for a coffee.

To move forward the Conservative Group will now need to address the failure/conduct of:

  • Cllr Felicity Temple – her inability to move from the school playground has resulted in the bullying culture that plagues the Conservative Group and ERYC.
  • Cllr Julie Abraham – her failure with Children Services was highlighted with the damning Ofsted Report.
  • Cllr Gary McMaster – he must take responsibility for the recent Planning failure. Gary never adjusted to his role on the Cabinet that has resulted in an unpleasant change of character for a person I once respected.

NB: I can confirm that rumors of Paul Lisseter joining the Liberal Democrats are incorrect.

Further Information

I expect many noted the deliberate red herring in relation to Cllr Felicity Temple. This elicited the required information and response!

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