Spotlight On Councillor Gary McMaster

As promised in Tory Councillors Lack Humility And Understanding I now commence exposing the deplorable conduct of certain East Riding of Yorkshire (ERYC) Conservative Councillors to the Court of Public Opinion.

ERYC Cabinet Member – Cllr Gary McMaster

I will begin with ERYC Cabinet member for Planning Gary McMaster who sent the response below to my lawful Subject Access Request that I made to him.

To claim that I will not receive anything from him is not only in breach of Data legislation but also the ERYC Code of Conduct.

Unfortunately over the last couple of months, the conduct of Cllr McMaster has demonstrated that he is not fit to be a Cllr never mind a Cabinet member. For example, at a recent Zoom meeting, he was recorded whooping and clapping when a Liberal Democrat Councillor was muted. It is alleged he also said: “fuck him“.

Please read Whooping Councillor Regrets F-Bomb – Hull Daily Mail

I am at a loss why Gary believes he can conduct himself in such a manner especially with me as I:

  • Have extensive knowledge of the relevant Data legislation
  • Know the ERYC Code of Conduct inside out
  • Am fully aware of the inner workings of the Tory Group
  • Can publish to a wide audience and
  • Will never be intimidated especially by a Tory hooligan

Given the above how would Cllr McMaster communicate with other members of the public?

It would appear that the time has come for Cllr McMaster to be removed from the Cabinet as his conduct is inexcusable while his failure with Planning is a disgrace.

Ironically not only did I receive the email above I received a second email from Gary three days later stating “I hold no information or data on you”. So that would be two things I have received from Gary! Looks like he had his wrist slapped by you know who!

Further Information

Thankfully Cllr Stathers has been removed from his role of ERYC Deputy Leader.

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