Tory Councillors Lack Humility And Understanding

Having received over half of the responses to my Subject Access Request to East Riding Councillors it would appear that certain East Riding of Yorkshire (ERYC) Tory Councillors lack humility and understanding.

I would like to start on a positive note by praising those Tory Councillors who have demonstrated politeness and humility in their response:

  1. Cllr Jonathan Owen – New ERYC Leader
  2. Cllr John Holtby – New ERYC Deputy Leader
  3. Cllr Jane Evison – Former Cabinet Member
  4. Cllr Mike Medini
  5. Cllr Brian Skow
  6. Cllr Paul Lisseter (currently suspended and an Independent Independent)

Although my political opinions, to varying degrees, may be different to the above six I would be of the opinion that all six, based on their response, should be considered for the new Cabinet.

Moving forward I will expose numerous Tory Councillors whose conduct resembles that of drunken yobs shouting at each other across the main road to the Court of Public Opinion. They have demonstrated a complete disconnect between the public and their elected duties. Perhaps they should reconsider what the Code of Conduct means when it states treating others with respect.

I reference a great Buddhist Teacher:

“One of the advantages of humility is that it enables us to learn from everyone. A proud person cannot learn from other people because he feels he already knows better than they”

Those who become elated when praised or miserable and angry when criticized were referred to by Buddha as:

“the childish”

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