Spotlight On ERYC Chairman Councillor Pat Smith

Next under the spotlight is the East Riding of Yorkshire (ERYC) Chairman Tory Councillor Pat Smith, who demonstrates what a poor role model she is. I submit the following to the Court of Public Opinion.

ERYC Chairman Councillor Pat Smith

In response to the lawful Subject Access Request that I made to her, Pat responded in the hilarious way introduced by Cllr Meredith and went even further.

Before I proceed is it me or have I seen this email before?

Email From Cllr Richard Meredith

What kind of a role model for children is the ERYC Chairman when she has clearly copied from the person on the next desk? I despair. Do you not remember what the teacher told you many years ago Pat? If you are going to copy do not copy from a fool who has the wrong answer or you will be caught out. You Madam Chair have been caught out! Pat for future reference 1.43pm is not morning.

Ok if you insist Pat here goes. Hold tight this will continue to be a very bumpy ride.

  • Stage One – You need to thank the outgoing Deputy Leader and fellow Tory Mike Stathers for sending the infamous email with your email address included.

As per the Whistleblowing policy, this came into my possession.

  • Stage Two – You next need to thank ERYC Chief Executive Caroline Lacey for sending her infamous email again with your email address included.

As per the Whistleblowing policy, this also came into my possession.

The stupidity and incompetence of the ERYC Chairman did not stop there. After stating that she held none of my Data on Monday 19 April Pat then rushes to delete unlawfully held Data on Sunday 25 April.

Not once but twice!

This generated two “Not Read” receipts that I submit to the Court Of Public opinion.

Please do educate me Madam Chair. Does this mean you have breached legislation? Or in simple terms “broke the law”? What a poor role model you are Madam Chair. Thankfully next week you will be stepping down.

Polite Suggestions

  1. To prevent any further embarrassment don’t report yourself to ICO.
  2. Learn about the Whistleblowing Policy and the relevant legislation instead of crying a Data breach.
  3. Educate yourself regards Data legislation. I am unable to contact you via your email address as to do so would result in an immediate breach of my Data. Surely you are not condoning such actions? I will let you work out why.
  4. If you must copy from the child on the next desk make sure they are not the second thickest in the class.
  5. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what example are you setting for children.
  6. Do not claim to have no Data then generate “Not Read” receipts.
  7. Never forgot what our Grannies told us. Best thought a fool than…

Further Information

Thankfully Cllr Stathers has been removed from his role of ERYC Deputy Leader.

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