New East Riding of Yorkshire Cabinet

I am delighted to announce that last week a new East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Cabinet was voted in.

ERYC Leader – Cllr Jonathan Owen

The New Cabinet

Please see New Cabinet for full details.

I would especially like to congratulate the new Cabinet members:

  • Cllr David Elvidge
  • Cllr Kerri Harold
  • Cllr Mike Medini

I believe all three have the required skills and experience to bring to the Cabinet. The Leader Jonathan Owen has selected a very talented Cabinet. Let us hope they deliver with humility and understanding.

Those Removed

I am delighted that the following have been removed from the Cabinet:

  • Cllr Richard BurtonFormer Leader – The failure of Children Services laid bare in the Ofsted Report, Planning and ultimately, in the eyes of Tory Cllrs, the inability to withstanding the attacks of the Lib Dems in Council meant Richard had to go.
  • Cllr Mike Stathers – Former Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Affordable Housing. Mike was responsible for the Planning failure to ensure adequate affordable housing. In other aspects, he simply lost the plot and has become known as a bully boy.
  • Cllr Julie Abraham – Former Portfolio Holder for Children Service. The damning Ofsted report was a disgrace. Julie was ultimately responsible. Her position was untenable.

I am sure Cllr Owen will be keeping a close eye on Cllr Gary McMaster. Let us all hope that Gary allows his true depth to shine through and that he puts aside his recent “mishaps”. Jonathan should be commended for showing faith in Gary.

Moving Forward

Now that the new leadership is in place I will continue to focus my political commentary on ERYC.

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