Strangeway Pivotal In ERYC Leadership Change

Last week I received a letter through the post that demonstrated the typical lack of a backbone by those who send such a letter. It was unsigned and without any contact details.

I submit the letter from “Tommy” to the Court of Public Opinion.

I fully accept the accusation that I played a pivotal role in the recent change of ERYC Leadership as I can confirm that:

  • Numerous ERYC Councillors wearing different colour shirts provide me with documents on a regular basis.
  • Many officers from across the ERYC Directorates also frequently provide me with further documents.
  • I publish such documents and/or use them in support of what I publish to the Court of Public Opinion.
  • My network is rather extensive and attracts a wide readership.

I am delighted to confirm that I willingly accept my role as a campaigner and political commentator. I make no apology for using the above to hold to account that which is inappropriate at ERYC.

I suppose this means I am “DONE“! Or perhaps banged to rights?

My actions are fully endorsed, in Case Law,  by Lord Bridge of Harwich.

Rewards And Promises

  • “you have even received reward”

It would appear that the Royal Mail has yet another item lost in the post. To make things easy for those who wish to donate just click on the Donate button. I will not be embarrassed by large donations or those from Conservative Councillors.

Donate Button

  • “a guaranteed selection”

As selection is for a Political Party why would I, as an ardent Independent, desire a guaranteed selection?

  • “place on the Council”

What makes you think I would entertain standing again when there is so much fun to be had on the outside?

Tommy – Coward Of The County

Many will recall the Kenny Rodgers classic “Coward Of The County” which highlighted the failings of Tommy.

I invite “Tommy” to step outside of their “Coward Of The County” world, in this case, the East Riding, and publish everything they claim. Don’t forget to include your full contact details.

I can’t wait. Please do send a full copy to me

Thank you for taking the time to entertain me.

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