Spotlight On Ex-Tory Secretary Councillor Felicity Temple

Next under the spotlight is the Ex-Tory Group Secretary Councillor Felicity Temple.

Many Cllrs and members of the public were delighted with the news that Cllr Temple has been removed from her role of Tory Group Secretary at last weeks AGM. I submit the following to the Court of Public Opinion.

Disgraced Ex-Tory Group Secretary – Cllr Felicity Temple

Our Felicity had to go given her shameful attempt to close debate down in relation to the damning Children Services Ofsted Report (see above). If this was not bad enough her shoot the messenger attack on Cllr Paul Lisseter was further evidence that she had lost all sense of proportion.

In response to the lawful Subject Access Request that I made to her, Cllr Temple demonstrated a total lack of understanding of the statement by Lord Bridge of Harwich in what many consider the definitive case in relation to the conduct of Councils (this includes Cllrs).

Derbyshire County Council v Times Newspapers Ltd

Cllr Temple, especially as the Tory Group Secretary at the time, needs to be mindful of the Derbyshire County Council v Times Newspapers Ltd case in which Lord Bridge of Harwich stated:

“In a free democratic society, it is almost too obvious to need stating that those who hold office in government and who are responsible for public administration must always be open to criticism. Any attempt to stifle or fetter such criticism amounts to political censorship of the most insidious and objectionable kind”

That makes the conduct of our Felicity “the most insidious and objectionable kind“.

Bullied Councillors – Failed Councillors

It would appear that Cllr Temple with her Group Secretary/incompetent bully hat on has dug holes for numerous Cllrs by “forcing” them to cut and paste her shameful lead of attempting to stifle or fetter such criticism.

These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Cllr Liz Sargeanston
  2. Cllr Jacob Birch
  3. Cllr Lyn Healing
  4. Cllr Nick Coultish
  5. Cllr Michael Lee
  6. Cllr Matt Rodgers
  7. Cllr Dave Tucker
  8. Cllr Kay West
  9. Cllr Helen Green
  10. Cllr Kevin Beaumont
  11. Cllr Mike Stathers
  12. Cllr Nigel Wilkinson
  13. Cllr Ben Weeks
  14. Cllr Pat Smith
  15. Cllr Richard Meredith

It would be too tedious to publish the evidence in relation to the above.

By allowing themselves to be bullied and controlled in this way all the above Cllrs have failed in their public duty as Cllrs. It is notable that all are Tory Cllrs. Of course, all 16 could be individually incompetent and it is just a mere coincidence!

Credit to Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen for avoiding all 16 when he selected his Cabinet last week. He is obviously aware that they all lack the most basic of knowledge regards Case Law that is relevant to Cllrs.

Major member training is obviously required to develop an understanding of the relevance of this Case Law to the role of a Cllr.

Polite Suggestion

  1.  Best thought a fool than…

Further Information

Thankfully Cllr Stathers has been removed from his role of ERYC Deputy Leader.

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