BucklEy Email Confirms ERYC IT/Data Meltdown

Yesterday I received an email from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (EYRC) Head of Legal and Democratic Services Mathew Buckley that confirms the suggestion that the EYRC IT and Data Controller processes are in meltdown.

EYRC Head of Legal and Democratic Services Mathew Buckley

As can be seen below it would appear that Mathew has forgotten how to spell his own name. To assist Mathew it is BucklEy.

As the email gives the appearance of a hack into the ERYC IT system I have referred my concern to Mathew.

Given the failure in recent weeks of numerous ERYC Councillors to understand the most basic of legislation in relation to Data and now Mathews email consideration must be given for a complete review of the relevant IT and Data processes to prevent further issues arising.

Further Information

To read more about the failures of ERYC Councillors to understand simple Data Principles click on the links below.

Sadly I have further failures to highlight.

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