Cllr Paul Nickerson – You Multi-Tasker!!

Returning from time away on a Buddhist Retreat I was greeted by an unsigned letter from “Fred”. Sadly what “Fred” wanted to share with me was lacking in substance to allow full publication.

Cllr Paul Nickerson 

It would appear that “Fred”, Cllr Jonathan Owen, Cllr Jane Evison, and Cllr Paul Nickerson will all understand why Paul is referred to as:

“Paul – you multi-tasker!!”

Further information from all four is invited. Do I hear some folk taking a sharp breath?

Perhaps “Fred” would also like to reveal further evidence to support claims about:

  • The opposition Tory lackey
  • Conduct of K (bottom half page 3)
  • Conduct of Mr B (bottom half page 3)

I am more than happy to treat people equally but original documents are required to do this.

Invite To “Fred”

Don’t be like your twin or should I say alter ego “Tommy” and go all shy on me.

Please feel free to send full documentation to support your claims. If you are really brave why not join me for a coffee?

Silent Tommy

Many joined me in amusement at the entertainment provided by “Tommy”.

Please read: Strangeway Pivotal In ERYC Leadership Change

As we all expected “Tommy” has failed “to step outside of their “Coward Of The County” world, in this case, the East Riding, and publish everything they claim.”

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