Spotlight on Councillor “Bully Boy” Stathers – Again

Disgraced former ERYC Deputy Leader Tory Councillor Mike Stathers today becomes the first East Riding of Yorkshire (ERYC) Cllr to appear in the Spotlight series on two occasions. I submit the following to the Court of Public Opinion.

Cllr Mike Stathers

In response to the lawful Subject Access Request that I made to him, Cllr Stathers demonstrates a total lack of understanding of the statement by Lord Bridge of Harwich in what many consider the definitive case in relation to the conduct of Councils (this includes Cllrs) and the Nolan Principles.

  • Point 1“I request that you also confirm that you do not hold any personal data on myself” – I can assure Mike and all ERYC Cllrs that East Riding residents, myself included, can lawfully hold whatever “personal data” they choose about any Cllr. To ask a resident in such a manner if they hold “personal data” about him Cllr Stathers yet again demonstrates his bully boy default mode. In essence, mind your own business Mike.

  • Point 2“…any future correspondence to my personal email address…” – I refer Mike to the recent issue of ERYC Tory Propaganda Magazine, aka Your East Riding. On the Cllrs contact page he will note the same email address advertised for residents to contact him on as I lawfully did. Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing Mike? Further bullying me thinks.

  • Point 3 “…potentially justify a harassment action..” (NB: highlighted in red by me) – Oh dear Mike still believes he can bully Strangeway. Your knowledge of legislation fails you sir. I suggest you seek better legal advice.
  • Point 4 “…relates to matters affecting you as a resident of the Wolds Weighton Ward…” – Yet again an ERYC Tory Cllr has no understanding of their role. I quote a former ERYC Tory colleague of Cllr Stathers who in 2018 stated:“…all elected members have a right and responsibility to concern themselves with all matters in the East Riding area not just those relating to their ward.” I suggest Mike needs to consider these wise words and educate himself as to his role as an elected member.
  • Point 5“…to my Councillor address” – Please advise how my Data would be processed? Whoops!

Further Information

Cllr Stathers is not only the latest ERYC Tory Cllr to appear in the Spotlight series he was also the first.

This clearly demonstrates that the ERYC Tory Group need to urgently reacquaint themselves with the Nolan Principles and the ERYC Code of Conduct.

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