ERYC Councillor Makes Approach

Last night I was approached by an East Riding of Yorkshire (ERYC) Councillor as a direct result of publishing Cllr Paul Nickerson – You Multi-Tasker!!.

As the approach, via email, was polite and even humourous it is incumbent on me to reciprocate and to offer an olive branch. I have sent the following to the Councillor.

  • “Buddhist – I am a Buddhist with a Sikh/Punjabi influence. Everything I do must be with the motivation of benefitting others so of course I have no interest in money or perceived status.
  • ERYC Councillor – When I was an Independent ERYC Councillor between 2016 and 2019 I would describe the other 66 Councillors as of the party/middle class while I was a true Independent/working class. Due to these significant differences, the red mist that descended on many of the Councillors during that period, and still does to this day, is purely down to bigotry because I am different to them. Being well travelled, aware of world religions and from an earthy East Riding background, I do not understand or condone discrimination in any form. Pluralism must always be embraced.
  • The Facts – During my time as an ERYC Councillor I raised the alarm regards Children Services only to be turned on by all other Councillors at a Full Council meeting. My position was confirmed by the damning Ofsted Report. I also raised and hold a  paper trial regards my concerns in relation to Planning Failure. This was ignored and the result is the Planning Fiasco we now have.
  • Rough Ride – Councillors and Senior ERYC Officers are in for a rough ride ahead due to the documents held by me and others that Officers, Councillors and residents have shared with me.  Documents will continue to arrive and I will continue to publish.
  • Coffee – I happily offer you an olive branch to meet for a coffee”

My offer of meeting for coffee is open to all 67 Councillors on a one to one basis.

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