Tory Planning Fiasco – Facts Required Mike

Last Monday, in response to Tory Planning Fiasco – Time To Admit Failure, Councillor Mike Stathers in a rather unpleasant and aggressive email responded to my enquiry without including any substantive detail.

Is Stamford Bridge Next?

Mike stated:

“For the record, the latest I heard from our Head of Planning, Stephen Hunt, was that we are still waiting to hear back from the Courts following our request for leave to appeal the Gladman decision. As for the cost of this legal action, the figure I gave to colleagues was that given to me by Alan Menzies.”

Is it just me or do others feel something is amiss here?

Simple Questions

I have requested my ERYC Ward Cllrs Cllr Hammond, Cllr Rudd or Cllr Stathers to answer the following simple questions:

  1. Which Court was the “leave to appeal” submitted?
  2. What date was it submitted?
  3. What is the Case Reference Number for the “leave to appeal”?
  4. Was a Witness statement submitted?
  5. Was an Interested Party named?
  6. Was a “Claims Bundle” submitted?
  7. Which Legal firm are representing ERYC?
  8. Which Junior Barrister/Barrister is representing ERYC?
  9. What date is a decision expected?

I would welcome assistance from any Opposition or Conservative members in securing answers to these questions.

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