Spotlight On Councillor Gary McMaster – Again

Not to be outdone by Cllr Mike Stathers appearing again in the Spotlight series East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Cabinet Member Cllr Gary McMaster jumps on the Cllr Stathers bandwagon.

ERYC Cabinet Member – Cllr Gary McMaster

In an email to his fellow ERYC Councillors Gary made reference to that man Strangeway when stating:

” …he has posted a scathing article on Google about myself.”

NB: “Scathing Article” – Please see Spotlight On Councillor Gary McMaster

Sensible folk take heed of their Grannies advice “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool…” While others just can’t help themselves.

  • Point 1 – I would advise Cllr McMaster that I do not post on Google. That is not how it works. How can a Cllr competently sit on the ERYC Cabinet and yet display a complete lack of understanding of how the Internet and Mr Google actually work? I would suggest an action-packed ERYC Members Training session about the Internet may prove useful for those Cllrs who lack such fundamental understanding as Gary demonstrates.
  • Point 2 – I advise that Gary accepts the article for what it is –  Truthful. Cllr McMaster in effect wrote the article himself by ignoring “Grannies” sound advice.
  • Point 3 –  To inform others that your ego drives you to seek public information about yourself is not a good look.

I would politely suggest our Gary needs to lighten up before he blows a fuse. Looking on the bright side he is now joint top on Spotlight Roll of Shame. Every cloud…

Further Information

The Spotlight series Roll Of Shame continues to grow.

I wonder who will appear next?

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