ERYC Tory Councillor – Please Be Kind

Yesterday morning in response to Lisseter Files – Gradual Reveal I received a phone call from an East Riding of Yorkshire (ERYC) Conservative Councillor – Cllr X – requesting me to be kind.

ERYC Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen At Last Weeks Council Meeting

As a Buddhist everything I do must always be for the benefit of others so naturally I fully support the request. It goes without saying that as a Political Commentator and Campaigner I will robustly hold to account those in public office to ensure adherence to the Nolan Principles.

Over the past week, I have constantly shown kindness and held out the olive branch:

  1. ERYC Councillor Makes Approach – I offered to meet all 67 ERYC Councillors for coffee
  2. FOI Confirms ERYC Endanger Refuse Collectors – Earlier today I offered to meet prior to publishing

I believe this comprehensively demonstrates my desire to be kind and work with.

Kindness Is Two Way

I would encourage ERYC Tory and Opposition Councillors to demonstrate kindness by their actions and this could commence by:

  1.  Taking immediate action to demonstrate kindness to the 48 families highlighted in ERYC Children Services Failure – Lack Of Capacity by ensuring adequate capacity.
  2. I would politely suggest Cllrs ensure the appropriate action, via Standards and internally, is taken in relation to the shameful email sent by Cllr Mike Stathers on 14 June when he refers to a resident as witless (foolish, stupid). This is far from kind.

Photos For Publication

I would like to assure Cllr X and all ERYC Cllrs that they are always invited to offer a selection of alternative photos of themselves and others for publication.

I believe this now confirms my position beyond doubt. I invite the appropriate actions of others to reciprocate.

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