ERYC Customer Relations Team – Consent Form

A concerned parent of a SEN Child has sent me a copy of the ERYC Customer Relations Team – Consent Form to seek advice in relation to legislation regards Informed Consent.

External Investigating Officer – Essential Questions

Before filling out such a form I would advise that all residents request answers to the following questions to ensure that their Data is processed as per Article 4 (11) of the GDPR:

  1. Who is the “External Investigating Officer”?
  2. Is the “External Investigating Officer” a registered Data Controller?
  3. Do the ERYC and the “External Investigating Officer” have a Service Level Agreement between themselves?
  4. Could I request a copy of the “External Investigating Officer” Data Retention Policy?

ERYC MUST be mindful that ICO confirm:

“This means people must be able to refuse consent without detriment”.

Why are they an External Investigating Officer?

As “Officer” is a term used for a Council employee is the “External Investigating Officer” a current or past ERYC Officer?

ERYC Bullying Culture

It is noteworthy that the reason for employing an “External Investigating Officer” is that there:

“are capacity issues within the service”.

The use of an “External Investigating Officer” will have cost implications for the taxpayer and efficiency concerns for the complainant.

To make employment within ERYC attractive the shameful bullying culture MUST be addressed. Sadly it would appear that the preferred option of Senior Management and Councillors is to ignore the bullying culture and to outsource. This is policy failure on both counts.

When it comes to informed consent with ERYC the mantra MUST always be:

Resident beware“.

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