Inspired By Andy Strangeway Independent

Andy Strangeway Independent (this very site), as promoted by Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services, continues to inspire East Riding residents and those within County Hall.

Inspired To Give

Numerous residents are inspired to give. They provide documents, words of support and circulate articles to their networks. I am also grateful to ERYC Councillors and Officers for similar actions.

Inspired To Act

In addition to those who are inspired to give there are those who are inspired to act. On Tuesday, upon reading ERYC Customer Relations Team – Consent Form, as a East Riding resident, Phoebe,  decided to act.

Phoebe had received the Consent Form as part of a formal complaint against ERYC in relation to the failure of Children Services (yet again). She simply asked:

  1. Who is the “External Investigating Officer”?
  2. Is the “External Investigating Officer” a registered Data Controller?
  3. Do the ERYC and the “External Investigating Officer” have a Service Level Agreement between themselves?
  4. Could I request a copy of the “External Investigating Officer” Data Retention Policy?
  5. As “Officer” is a term used for a Council employee is the “External Investigating Officer” a current or past ERYC Officer?

If ERYC were processing Data lawfully the answers to these questions would have been very simple to give by return email.

Alas, the email Phoebe received yesterday proved otherwise

“We are currently looking into this and will get back to you as soon as possible”

Is that a whoops refer to top floor?

I would like to thank Phoebe for sharing her experience with me.

May others continue to be inspired by Andy Strangeway Independent.

Thank you for the free promotion Mathew. Could I suggest that you spend your time ensuring ERYC is lawfully processing residents Data instead of wasting time and taxpayers resources appeasing incompetent ego-filled Councillors?

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