I Must Confess – Conservative Party Moles

It would appear that when an East Riding Tory Councillor leaves Yorkshire their past remains firmly with them.

Cllr Burton (right) with a sleepy Disgraced Former Deputy Leader Cllr Mike Stathers

Over the past week, Conservative Councillor Andy Burton – Utter Bunkum has generated a considerable amount of traffic to this site.

The reason for the traffic is… (I know nowt)

Hot Under The Collar

In ERYC Tory Cabinet – Abandoning Ship Begins I stated:

“An old friend who works in an Estate Agency in Rutland has informed me that Mr Andy Burton is looking closely at property in Rutland.”

I am aware that after the publication of this post our Andy was rather hot under his collar at a meeting of his fellow Tories wanting to know who had leaked this information to Strangeway. Was Andy suggesting a Tory mole no less?

I must confess you’ve got me bang to rights, Andy. My communication with my old friend was after persons close to you had given me the nod and wink.

NB: Andy never took up the offer “… to issue me a statement with regards this post” .

Leaks – Olive Branch

As everyone is aware I will always offer the olive branch, protect my sources and publish to the Court of Public Opinion.

After an enjoyable and productive meeting in Bridlington this morning (lovely orange seats!) and subsequent phone conversations I would like to offer the following invitations to current and former ERYC Conservative Councillors to:

  • Offer a statement for publication in relation to Cllr Paul Nickerson – You Multi-Tasker!!
  • Add to those ERYC Tory Councillors I am already aware of who will be standing down at the next election. Statements from the horse’s mouth with photos for publication are invited.
  • Suggest any preference as to what I should publish first or hold onto until later from the Lisseter Files?
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