Introduction To Local Government

The Local Authority (LA), aka the Council, is responsible for Highways, Children’s Services, Adult Services, etc… whereas a Parish Council deals with everyday issues that affect people’s lives.

Taking Stamford Bridge as an example, the Parish Council is the Stamford Bridge Parish Council and the LA is the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC).

Across the East Riding, there are 168 Parish/Town Councils. ERYC is divided into 26 Wards. For each Ward, there are between one and three ERYC Ward Councillors. Stamford Bridge is in the Pocklington Provincial Ward and has three Ward Councillors to represent the electorate.

The Ward Councillors are a vital link between residents and County Hall.

Often across the East Riding, a Ward elects three Conservatives, as is the case currently in Pocklington Provincial and many other Wards. Many residents have experienced unacceptable consequences of this when they contact their Ward Councillors and receive no reply from any of them.

Please be aware that many of the replies received are often written for your Councillor by those further up the chain – Senior Officers and other Councillors.

That which ERYC undertakes MUST reflect National Legislation, “Local Laws” and ERYC Policies. Due to ego, incompetence and Common Purpose, this is often not the case.

Sadly, if a situation arises whereby the majority of Councillors elected are of one party, as is the case at ERYC, a dictatorship will have been put in power via the ballot box. In these circumstances, those of the incumbent party support the Senior Officers and, in turn, the Senior Officers support the incumbent party. All very cosy but detrimental for residents.

A Conservative Councillor commits to putting the Conservative Party first before they are nominated to stand. Once elected, a party Whip will ensure compliance. Those who “disagree” will ultimately be excluded from the party. Generally, those who “agree” will be rewarded with a Chairship or a place on the Cabinet and enjoy the extra financial rewards this brings. There ends democracy.

Be mindful of this when you are voting next as once elected you will have no further vote for four years.

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