Stamford Bridge Alcohol Ban – Expensive Farce

Many Stamford Bridge residents will be surprised to hear that the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) has attempted to impose an alcohol ban in the village. Yet true to form all they have achieved is an expensive farce that wastes Council Tax.

Red Indicates Areas Covered By Alcohol “Prohibition”

I have recently demonstrated my extensive knowledge of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) in Successfully Challenging National Government and highlighted the workings of Local Politics in Introduction To Local Government. I will now expose the utter incompetence of ERYC in its attempt to use a PSPO to ban the consumption of alcohol in Stamford Bridge.

The Stamford Bridge PSPO states that the consumption of alcohol in the area is prohibited by order yet signs state “The consumption of alcohol in this area is restricted by order”.

The PSPO MUST reflect the signage and the signage MUST reflect the PSPO. If this is not the case the PSPO is unenforceable.

Example PSPO Alcohol “Restricted” Signage

I raised this with Paul Abbott, ERYC Head of Public Protection, who believes that a restriction is a prohibition. What can I say? For such incompetence, Paul is paid over £95,000 a year plus a generous pension.

This farce will have wasted a lot of resources not just financial. Ironically the Stamford Bridge PSPO is not fit for purpose and as such also fails in its objective. Keep paying your Council Tax so that ERYC can continue to waste it!

Main Difference – Prohibited v Restricted

To assist Paul.

“Prohibited and Restricted are used in reference to limitations and prevention. However, they cannot be used interchangeably as there is a distinct difference between them. Prohibited is used when we are talking about an impossibility. Restricted is used when we are talking about something that has specific conditions. The main difference between prohibited and restricted is that prohibited means something is formally forbidden by law or authority whereas restricted means something is put under control or limits.” 

In simple terms, a face mask restricts the breath while strangulation prohibits breathing.

Fixed Penalty Notice

If you breach a PSPO you can be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

Over the years, as a campaigner, I have lost count of how many times I have challenged numerous MPs, Local Authorities, and Police Forces to issue me a FPN.

Not one has. I wonder why?

Given my in-depth knowledge of FPN, this is a wise move as I am in no doubt I would make a successful challenge in a Court of Law!

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