ERYC Tory Leadership Meltdown – Infighting Escalates

I have known for some time that the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Tory Leadership of Cllr Jonathan Owen is in meltdown. In the public interest, I now share the information I have received from a whistleblower that demonstrates the infighting is escalating.

NB: I offer everyone mentioned a right to reply.

Under Pressure – ERYC Leader Tory Cllr Jonathan Owen

Whos Who

Currently, 47 of the 67 ERYC Cllrs are Conservative. In the leaked emails East Riding residents will read about:

  • Councillor Padden – Liberal Democrat – Cllr Viv Padden
  • Claire Holmes – Conservative – Cllr Claire Holmes
  • Cllr Nolan – Liberal Democrat – Cllr David Nolan – Leader of the Opposition
  • Councillor Michael Lee – Conservative – Cllr Michael Lee
  • Jonathan – Conservative – Cllr Jonathan Owen Leader ERYC

“I feel a bullying culture is becoming the norm” – I have stated this for years and yet the Conservative Party denied it. Now they confirm the fact.

Cllr Jonathan Owen then goes into backtrack mode.

It is notable that Cllr Owen mentions:

“…making pet theft a specific criminal offence would weaken the current law”

To suggest that a motion put before ERYC can have any bearing on a current or future law is delusional.

I recommend that Cllr Owen discusses this with Cllr Holmes who, as a Barrister at law, should be able to offer Jonathan the required advice to prevent future embarrassment.

Residents Before In Fighting

Sadly I expect further evidence of the infighting as it continues to escalate.

I would encourage all current ERYC Cllrs to stop their infighting and do that which they are elected to do – represent the East Riding residents.

Given the Ofsted Report, Planning Fiasco, failure of 48 vulnerable families, and the Environmental Incompetence there is plenty to do.

Personal Message For Whistleblower

If you don’t believe I hold the Lisseter Files why request that I share them?

Time will reveal. To do otherwise would be duplicitous! (enough said!)

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