On The Radar – Harassment or Incompetence?

Last Tuesday at about 11.00 I parked my car as can be seen below. After taking some time for meditation, to enjoy food, and organise my kit I took a stroll to the location I was to spend the night wild camping.

Many are aware that my hobby for numerous years has been sleeping in remote UK locations. For me, this should have been a night like the countless others that I have spent under the stars on uninhabited islands, Extreme Points, County Tops, and Tripoints.

I arrived back at my car by 06.30 on a glorious morning. After organising my kit I sat to enjoy the wonderful location as I had my breakfast.

The phone rings at 07.30. A message is left. Five minutes later I receive a text.

I dutifully phone back as request. It appears that my vehicle has been reported abandoned to Police Scotland who in turn contact Humberside Police. Humberside Police then contact me.

How anyone can say the car above is abandoned is beyond me. Let us consider the time scale. I left my car at about 14.00 and returned to it at 06.30 the next day. That is a mere 16.5 hours. Wild camping across Scotland is a legal pastime enjoyed by many. This is especially true in the main UK holiday week of the year when I would expect that hundreds are out overnight.

It would be insane and a waste of resources to declare every vehicle left for 16.5 hours overnight as abandoned and involve two Police Forces for each vehicle. How many other “alleged” crimes that are a lot more serious receive no Police attention within 24 hours?

So why was I given such special treatment? Does Strangeway warrant extra security from two Police Forces?

Surely Mr Strangeway is not “on the radar“.

Friday 6 August

On the morning of Friday 6 August, I receive yet another phone call from Humberside Police for exactly the same reason. But it gets worse. They then contact my wife at:

  1. 09.50 – On her home phone – no message left
  2. 09.53 – On her mobile phone – no message left
  3. 09.54 – On her mobile phone – no message left
  4. 09.55 – On her mobile phone – no message left
  5. 09.56 – On her mobile phone – no message left
  6. 09.59 – On her mobile phone – message left

Does this amount to harassment or incompetence? It is certainly a gross waste of resources.

Ah well nice to be given free, personalised security. Thank you Police Scotland and Humberside Police. Any chance of washing my car the next time?

Location Parked

The pink dot below Easter Fannyside marks the place I parked overnight.

What word is used in Scotland to describe a silly person? Did the Police act in a silly manner?

Does anyone spot the funny side?

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