Councillor Andy Burton – Open Letter

As the former East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Tory Councillor Andy Burton is attempting to be elected as a Rutland County Councillor on Thursday 19 August I thought I would take this opportunity to write Andy an Open Letter.

Dear Andy,

I would like to share with you and the Court of Public Opinion my views on a few of the reasons you claim Rutland residents should vote Conservative.

1 – Deliver Affordable Homes

Folk in Rutland need to be mindful of the ERYC Catastrophic Planning Failure – Inspectors Report. At Point 70 the Inspector states:

“A sustained shortfall against the LPSD target in each year of the plan period which amounts to a deficit of 1657 affordable homes against the Policy S5 requirement.”

Were you not a party to this massive deficit given your role on the ERYC Cabinet?

Conclusion – Vote Conservative if you don’t want affordable homes.

2 – High-Quality Adult Services

Do you recall Graham Baverstock Andy? Graham was a child abuse victim that ERYC failed to provide “high-quality adult services”. The truth is ERYC totally failed Graham.

I refer the Court of Public Opinion to Youtube – Graham Baverstock.

As you were on the Cabinet why did you not speak out for Graham?

Conclusion – Vote Conservative if you don’t want high-quality adult services.

3 – Activities For Children

You appear to have forgotten how the Ofsted Inspection Found East Riding Inadequate.

As a Cabinet member, this was firmly on your watch.

Talking of failures in Children Services, were you on the Appointments Committee that agreed to employ Pam Allen, the former Director of Safeguarding at Rotherham from 2004-2009, where there were 1,400 cases of child abuse, to be the ERYC Head of Children Services?

What did you expect would happen?

Conclusion – Vote Conservative for a shameful Children Services.

Served As A County Councillor

On your election leaflet, you inform Rutland residents that:

“I have previous experience serving as a County Councillor”

I am sure you will be aware that County Councils were created by the Local Government Act 1888. Furthermore, as we both served as ERYC Councillors (what fun we had!) you will be aware, as I am, that East Riding of Yorkshire Council is a Unitary Authority NOT a County Council.

You were a Councillor of a Unitary Authority for the Administrative County of the East Riding of Yorkshire.

I would thus suggest that it is then rather misleading to claim that you have previous experience serving as a County Councillor”

Boosting Local Businesses

It is rather interesting to read how you will boost local business. Perhaps you should share your own “business story” with the electorate.

You always made me laugh.

Your Old Mucker,


Further information

I encourage Rutland residents to read the following before they vote next Thursday.

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