Lisseter Files – Cast Your Vote

Over recent weeks, I have received requests to start publishing the Lisseter Files.

The Late Councillor Paul Lisseter

Given that the Lisseter Files reflect many of the current and former East Riding of  Yorkshire (ERYC) Councillors in a very poor light, I have decided to give the public a vote on with whom I should start the Gradual Reveal.

Brief CVs

A brief CV of those seeking, or perhaps not, the public vote:

  • Cllr Jonathan Owen – Current ERYC Leader
  • Ex-Cllr Stephen Parnaby – Former ERYC Leader
  • Cllr Mike Stathers – Disgraced former ERYC Deputy Leader
  • Cllr Felicity Temple – Despised former Conservative Group Secretary

All these Cllrs are Conservatives. The Lisseter Files also reflect poorly on certain others…

NB: Poll closes on Friday 20 August

Further Information

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